Festicodes is the cashless payments service provider from Slovak Republic. Cashless payment solutions for event organizers, including the integration of other supplementary services for event organization.

Advantage of our solution

Festicodes are:

Our aim is to contribute to your business success and to provide to you interesting reliable services.


Single payment transactions


Transparent payment solution tailored


10-30% increase in sales using cashless technology

We've created a simple reliable system

to support your festivals which is also serviceable as a temporary currency implementation. Our team constantly adjusts FESTICODES system to your requirements and operate it for you reliable way.

  • Festicodes project start

    Collection of requirements and start of implementation.

  • Testing and presentation of the project

    Testing basic interfaces for organizer and stalls.
    Stress test of the system.

  • Gurmánfest 2017 Bratislava

    Payment solution for Gurmánfest 2017 Bratislava, which took place in Sad Janka Kráľa in Bratislava.

    Number of stalls: 53
    Number of transactions: 35 635 (~ 23 transactions per minute)

  • Slovak Food Festival 2018

    Payment solution for Slovak Food Festival 2018.

    Number of stalls: 43
    Number of transactions: 26 945 (~ 17 transactions per minute)

  • Víno v tržnici (Wine in the market)

    Payment solution for Víno v tržnici.

    Number of stalls: 43
    Number of transactions: 9 360 (~ 8 transactions per minute)

  • Gurmánfest 2018 Bratislava

    Payment solution for Gurmánfest 2018 Bratislava.

    Number of stalls: 49
    Number of transactions: 32 728 (~ 20 transactions per minute)

  • Pivný Janko II

    Payment solution for Pivný Janko II (Octoberfest).

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I want to thank you for the super-new payment system that you put into practice this year!
This year, relief and reliability. This simple system for control, without physical counting, has greatly improved our lives...
And no stress, since I could always check through the app that everything was going well, but especially in the evening everything was automatically calculated within the daily closure as well as at the end of the festival within the total closure...

restaurant of the year 2017

We are glad that Gurmánfest has also been among the world's gastronomic events, such as Taste London and San Sebastian, where such a payment system has been in use for more than 2 years.
It is easier for sellers, even more convenient for guests.
We are also convinced that such people spend much more money, because they do not count.

David Winter

We certainly recommend next year, it has speeded up our work, and especially it has some prestigious credit when people have something like a special payment card that is portable and they pay them for the whole festival.
For me, as a company owner, it also had a tremendous advantage in having all the time over the system with a summary of sales and their structure, and 15 minutes after the end of the day, I had a full day of sales and closures on my computer. Excellent!

Gurmán Fest Bratislava

From the new payment system, we expected acceleration and simplification of Gurmánfest sales of food and beverages and greater comfort for festival visitors, as the old system of coupons or plastic coins was time consuming and uncomfortable for the guests, because they still had to count on how much they paid, and how much remains.
Sellers had to count the entire sales with us each night and write a protocol - it took 3 hours each evening!
They are now getting the cut of the daily sales for about 15 minutes after the end of the festival day! Upon completion, they also received a total bill on their email and could issue invoices within 24 hours.
In addition, the owners have the opportunity to track sales and sales in their account throughout the festival.
We've also confirmed our estimate that visitors spend about 20% more money at the festival through this system!
We are very happy with the new payment system and we already know that we will use it at all our festivals: Gurmán Fest Bratislava, Gurmán Fest Košice, Jedla Winter Festival, Gastronomy Slovakia.

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